Salon DeSade – Digitalis – Bonus Episode

Salon DeSade - Digitalis - Bonus Episode 35:49

An addition to Salon DeSade's RLGL CH 'Digitalis'. A 'Bonus Triple Episode' to complete your masturbatory fantasy as voted for in the poll attached to the original 'Digitalis' posting.

You really should attempt the original 'Digitalis' RLGL CH before completing the full experience with this additional bonus set of three episodes. They are specifically designed to allow your ultimate spurting satisfaction if you hold out long enough. The popper prompts evident in the original are, [in this bonus edition,] a more integral part of the action in both a visual and aural sense.

I hope you enjoy it, whether you choose to attempt Digitalis sequentially as intended, ..or if you must, ..this bonus addition to the original as a stand alone RLGL CH in it's own right.

The duration for the entirety of this triple episode comes in at apx 35mins. The rest of the file info is the same as 'Digitalis' in regard to quality, sound, etc.

numberonefan @ Milovana