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Cock Hero – Breathe – featuring Anjelica

What makes this CH unique is that it incorporates breath play with the CH stroking. The stroke patterns are intentionally kept simple because there is a lot to pay attention to with the beautiful girls on screen, the music, the stroke meter, and now the added breath control.

I hope that for you the breath control adds an interesting new dimension to the CH. I believe that you will find that as the breath holding segments get longer and you press on even though your lungs are cry for air, that you will enter a lightheaded, euphoric state where you feel like you are floating and the sensations in your cock are incredibly heightened.

Please enjoy this video responsibly. Only play in a sturdy chair or bed. Do not play if you have any medical condition that could cause you harm while holding your breath and stroking your cock. I can not be held responsible for any harm that results from playing along with this video.