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Twisted Tales 2

Twisted Tales 2 E-Stim 25:19

I am pleased to announce the release of 'Twisted Tales 2' in collaboration with 'LondonGent', and 'DigitalParlingLot'. Our joint project features an outstandingly good E-Stim track developed by, 'LG' in association with, and tested by, the peerless 'DPL'.

A standalone 'Bonus: Electro Popper Slave Release' episode designed for Milovanians who prefer a release from tortuous Electro Therapy by traditional means is included in the released package.

Numberonefan @ Milovana

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Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales E-Stim 75:17

What you get:

[1]. Twisted Tales E-stim CH Str8 [Final V3]. 1hr 15min 17secs Duration. 1920 x1080p HD. 2.14Gb. Stereo.

[2]. Twisted Tales E-stim CH TS [Final V1]. 1hr 15min 17secs Duration. 1920 x1080p HD. 2.34Gb. Stereo.

[3]. Twisted Tales E-Stim mp3 File. 1hr 15min 17secs Duration. 172.3Mb. [Tri Phase Setup].

[4]. Twisted Tales JPG Folder.

So, One E-Stim file to rule them all [3]. Two variant CH games to endure. One Str8 [1], Hetero and Lesbian. One TS [2], Hetero and SheMale. You choose. You play. You orgasm handsfree. 😀

Both variants allow for limited periods of manual masturbation. Both variants are poppers enabled for maximum mind fucking pleasure. Enjoy.

numberonefan @ Milovana

> E-Stim

This was made using a DIY stim device. My tested/recommended configuration is right to base of shaft, left to prostate, common under balls. This leaves the head free to stroke during the stroking sessions and it's surprising how the signal still feels like it's coming from the tip of the cock. I think any triphase configuration should work well. Please experiment and let us know what you discover.

digitalparkinglot @ Milovana

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