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Meditative State

Meditative State 10:42

Meditative State is a short (9+mins) but intense cock hero experience with fast paced scenes and cuts that invites you to stroke alongside the synced thrusts on screen.


Flashing Images!

Hardcore Gay Porn (TimTales only)

Thrusts synced to beat

Psy-Trance Music

Side beat bars for easier viewing

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk 17:57

So, this video contains:

✓ Hardcore gay porn (Oral+Anal+Bareback)

✓ Daft Punk music

✓ Visual beat bar and audible beats

✓ 4 rounds

✓ Breaks between rounds

✓ 17 mins long

This cock hero is meant as an intro for people, so I kept it relatively short and easy for first timers.

xdvdrg @ Milovana

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