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Cock Hero – Beili

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Post by Ceverity@Milovana

For those who are curious about the story section in the beginning, here’s how it goes;

page 1: you were born in the village of Beili to a happy family

page 2: when you were 10 years old, the village was attacked

page 3: your parents died in the attack, and your sister disappeared

page 4: when the village was about to fall completely, 3 witches suddenly appeared and saved Beili

page 5: to do so, they set up a barrier around the village, and now offered a test to those who turn 18 a chance to leave it

page 6: today is your 18th birthday, so you walk to the witch’s house. You will do anything to find your sister.

and also here are the rules page, again roughly translated

1. to play you must not have cum in the last 72 hours

2. follow the beat and do not cum till the end

3. Difficulty:
Normal: follow the instructions to cum
Hard/Difficult: follow the instructions to endure, and continue to not cum until watching episode two the next day