Foreplay Hero – Cock Hero and “G-spot Hero” at the same time!

by Sir Derriere
There’s two stroke meters, one for each of you. As the name indicates the idea is that its meant to be played before you and your partner have sex, instead of or in addition to, the usual oral and manual stimulation.

The blue meter is what the man does to the woman.
The pink meter is what the woman does to the man.

The woman does the standard HJ motion you would expect, and the man can either insert two fingers and do the “come here” motion on the g-spot, or place a wet finger on the clit and rub that instead. The blue meter is generally faster and more complex, and introduces new beats first, since you guys are more used to this kind of things than most of your ladies probably are, and since women typically need more “rubs” to get off than men do “strokes”.

“How the fuck do we sit to do this?” you may ask. Like so,