Foreplay Hero – Satisfaction

Foreplay Hero -  Satisfaction
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You and your lady friend will sit side by side, facing opposite directions so that you can each reach each other’s genitals with your right hands. She’ll use the right (pink) meter to do the usual CH thing and give you a hand job. The left (blue) meter is for you to stimulate her. How you do this is ultimately up to the two of you. You can finger her pussy or ass to the beat, rub her clit, stick one finger up there and touch the G-spot, or use a dildo on her. Totally up to her.

This episode is set to Satisfaction by Benny Benassi, and features three hardcore scenes of increasing sexiness. When the male voice speaks, the female is the only one who strokes and vice-verse.


  1. I feel that the video duration could be longer. Try to make another CH and improve off of this one. 🙂

    • I completely agree with Jessica; 5 minutes is way too short. Me and my girlfriend have really been looking forward to a couple video like yours. But we need some more time to, at least about 30 min I guess. Btw, I have presented the CH-concept for diffrene girls, who all would be excited for more female oriented (≠ lesbian) videos. While I’m not technically capable myself to do a video, I can only hope some of you skilled guys out there would create som videos to satisfy the horny girls as well. 🙂

      Best wishes

  2. …Sorry I forgot to praise the producers of the video: It’s really, really fine and hot, indeed already on of my favorites…. As mentioned, the only objections is the short length.

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