Foreplay Hero – Erotic 3 pack – First official release!

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You and your lady friend will sit side by side, facing opposite directions so that you can each reach each other’s genitals with your right hands. She’ll use the right (pink) meter to do the usual CH thing and give you a hand job. The right (blue) meter is for you to stimulate her. How you do this is ultimately up to the two of you. You can finger her to the beat, rub her clit, stick one finger up there and touch the G-spot, or use a dildo on her. Totally up to her.

The theme of this three pack is erotica (or more specifically, You know, that stuff the chicks dig. Seems like a good place to introduce any unsure ladies to the concept.
Easy Mode: Ooh La La by Goldfrapp
Medium Mode: Days Go By by Dirty Vegas
Hard Mode: Crave You by Flight Facilities (Adventure Club Remix)


  1. “Watch Now” nor “Download” doesn’t work. Is it just me? 🙁

  2. Any way to get a mirror link for those of us who don’t have a empornium account?

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