EroClip! FunscriptE-Stim 81:54

Wanna listen to some music while stroking to the hottest music videos? Do you wish more classical PMVs had a beatmeter included? Fear no more! EroClip is a newly creation including some of the most popular songs in the market, merging erotic material and music videos altogether in one piece!

Unlike the Soft Climax series, EroClip is meant to be hard. Not so much because of its speed, but because of the length. More so, the song itself may distract you, since beats and music sometimes merge too much. That is intentional. The motto here is follow the song first, and the beats second. I don't want to make you follow the beats mindlessly, but stroke as the rhythm tells you to. And that goes for everything: do you prefer to skip some rounds to make it shorter? Fine! Do you like to keep edging until the end instead of directly finishing? Alright! It's all up to you! However, if you still prefer the classic way, don't worry; the beatmeter is still there.

- Choose your own reward girl at the end!

- Hard difficulty, long play.

- Mainly softcore, ramping up to vanilla sex at the end.

- Headphones heavily recommended!

Author @ Milovana