Edge Sessions

Edge Sessions 1:10

This release is very different from what I did previously and is aimed for everyone who likes cosplays and edging mixed with the beatbar. There are 7 rounds, each with two beatbars you can choose from by changing the audio track in your video player. This 7 rounds are separated by edging sessions: your job is to try to ride the edge with her. Color of the info area will guide you when you should be at your limit.

Some details:

- All rounds are different flavors of cosplays (amateur, pro, solo, jav, toys, lesbian)

- Content starts with soft solo rounds but quickly evolves to vanilla and hardcode action

- I tried to sync most penetration clips for better flow

- Beatbar and edging sections (no special commands)

- 2 beatbars you can choose from and switch when you want: one with difficult patterns to follow and one with simpler (but not softer) patterns. You can switch the audio track in your player usually by right clicking on the video and selecting “Audio Track” (Media Player Classic)

AndreXHero @ Milovana