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Cock Hero – Tillandsia Royale

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This is the sequel to CH Casino Royale and Battle Royale, and also the final installment of the series. The story picks up where Battle Royale ended, and for those who enjoyed Casino and Battle I’m happy to say that Tillandsia is more of the same. Much more!
Note that Tillandsia Royale comes in two parts (the core video and Sidetracked). My idea behind this was to, again, increase ‘replayability’, and make the whole experience larger. For those who doesn’t like the idea of skipping between videos, you will only be prompted to switch from the core video to Sidetracked (after a 24h rest) if you lose. Meaning that Sidetracked is not necessarily needed to complete the game, but will hold much more content for those willing to do multiple playthroughs (and lose).